/How To Invest Like a Pro

How To Invest Like a Pro

Learn how to identify and evaluate business opportunities for private investors in the capital market

Mon, March 26th, 17:30
Oppenheimer Israel, Top Tower, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv 

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A Fresh Perspective on Investment Opportunities

Avivit Mannet-Kalil, Co-CEO at Oppenheimer Israel, will speak about tools for identifying and evaluating business opportunities in the market, for private investors. How should we find and examine opportunities for investment as company shareholders? Which events in our life lead us to those opportunities and to investment ideas that have a good chance of high profitability?

This talk opens a window to investors who are open to and interested in investing in stocks or to be involved in the business aspects of companies and other interesting investment areas. We will get a fascinating viewpoint, seasoned with real-life stories about investment opportunities in the market, with a long-term investment perspective and in relation to changes in technology and environment.

After the talk, we’ll go to the Denim bar at 83 King George, for drinks and snacks courtesy of the EO Israel chapter.

Meet Avivit Mannet-Kalil

Avivit Mannet-Kalil, Co-CEO of Oppenheimer investment house.

Avivit started out as a foreign securities trader at Oscar-Gruss, later acquired by Canadian bank CIBC. At 2005 she was appointed Co-CEO of CIBC, and at 2008 CIBC was acquired by Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer deals with international brokerage, mainly in the US, and provides trading services in eastern Asia and Europe. It also provides research, support and trading services for organizations that manage others’ funds, mostly institutional organizations.

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Gathering, greets and hugs, at Oppenheimer, Dizengoff Center


Avivit’s Talk: How to Identify Investment Opportunities in the Capital Market”,
and a visit to Oppenheimer’s trading room


Heading down to the pub


Networking+Beer Time at the Denim Bar, 83 King George
Drinks and Snacks courtesy of EO Israel


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The Venue

Oppenheimer Israel
Top Tower, Dizengoff Center
Tel Aviv

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