The life of an entrepreneur can be an arduous one – negotiating contracts, crunching the numbers at all hours of the night, surviving the competition. It takes a special kind of person to run a business, and it takes a special kind of entrepreneurial organization to help those business owners achieve success and significance.

Are you ready to grow your business and take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? If you want to connect with top entrepreneurs who understand the highs and lows of entrepreneurship; attend networking events with the best and brightest business minds; discover tools, resources, entrepreneur videos, and entrepreneurship articles to help you grow your business, then you’re only a few steps away from discovering the power of EO.

“I need to find other people like me; those who understand what it’s like to own a business.”

“I need to expand my network, get out there and meet people who can help me grow.”

“I need to solve business or personal challenges I haven’t faced before. I’m walking in the dark here.”

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As a member of EO, you gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you grow your business and become a better leader. Supporting the complete entrepreneur, EO offers numerous resources to help you excel in your business, family, community and personal life. You’ve made it this far as a business owner— let EO take you to the next level!

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EO is limited to Founders/Co-Founders (or controlling interest) in their company or non-profit organization that has achieved a level of success.  This means that upon joining you will have the opportunity to share time and experiences with fellow successful entrepreneurs who share your passions, energy and drive to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Membership Dues

Member fees comprise both Global and chapter dues. Global dues are currently US$1,900 (plus a one-time US$2,200 initiation fee) and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Chapter dues are currently US$1,000 and prorated based on the fiscal month you join.

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